Hypnosis Audio – Listen and Understand

The following is a professionally recorded Hypnosis audio. I originally recorded it as a ‘Guided Mediation’ but as you listen to it you realize that I am using a lot of hypnotic processes and visualization techniques combined with some direct suggestions.

I encourage you to take a listen using a quality pair of headphones. After listening to this audio I suggest that you then listen carefully to second audio I have produced which explains exactly what I am doing. I have also included a transcript of the hypnosis audio. In the third part of this post I will give you some exercises for you to do to improve your hypnotic abilities…

Whilst you listen to this audio please make sure that you are sitting or laying down in place where you will not be disturbed. DO NOT listen to this if you are driving a car or operating any kind of machinery. The recording requires your full attention.

“Hypnosis is Easy to Learn…Check Out The Presentation Below”

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